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Our Mission


Founded by Renee Barnes in 2017, Flipuary LLC is Headquarted in Atlanta, Ga. Our mission at Flipuary is to honor the life of your loved one with a beautiful flipping program, tribute, and obituary.

Watch a video on how Renee thought of the idea.

Our Purpose

We strive to do so by telling a compelling story through words and visual media-rich elements like beautiful images, audio, and video - features you simply cannot get with a traditional funeral program.

We aim to capture the true essence of your loved one's life, so that viewers can celebrate their lives in the best way possible.


Our Motto 

Honor and celebrate the life of your loved one. 

Our Values

We believe that your final memory of a vibrant, beautiful friend or family member should be more than a stagnant paper funeral program.

  • No one wants to go back to those types of funeral programs afterwards, because it brings back memories of your loved ones passing. Instead, why not look back and remember the life they lived?

  • That's why we created Flipuary - because it's better to remember your loved one with pictures, video, and audio that can truly capture their life story.

  • We believe in crafting beautiful, stunning online funeral programs via the flip-book format because it can include multiple media and images, but can still be easily shared!


A Flipuary allows you to focus on the life they lived, and easily share their memory with others.

Helping Those In Need

We offer reduced cost Flipuary development for those who are suffering the lost of a loved one, but can not afford to pay full price for the Flipuary. If you'd like to apply for this program, please contact us.

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