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  • What is a Flipuary™
    A Flipuary™ is an online funeral program and obituary solution that celebrates the life of your loved one with a personalized, media rich, flipbook that can be saved, shared on social media, and viewed on any device. Click the video below to learn more.
  • How does it work?
    Visit to order the Flipuary™ package that meets your needs. Complete a form providing funeral details and information about your loved one. Our Flipuary™ designers will do the rest. To get started, click here.
  • Why Flipuary™?
    Traditional printed funeral programs contain only static pictures and text and don't capture the true essence of your loved one. They can also be lost, and are difficult to share. Since the funeral program is the last memory loved ones will share of the deceased, why not make it meaningful and special?
  • Can I see an Example Flipuary?
    Absolutely! Click here to view a sample Flipuary. Keep in mind that each Flipuary design is 100% customized. The images, colors, text, and layout are alll custom to fit your needs. Get started today.
  • How long does long does the Flipuary™ last?
    Your Flipuary™ will be hosted on for as long as you desire. It will be shared, viewed, and accessed 24 hours a day. Long after the funeral, loved ones can view and enjoy their Flipuary™. Unlike traditional funeral programs, it cannot be lost.
  • How can I offer Flipuary services to my customers?
    You can offer Flipuary services to your customers by becoming a Flipuary partner. It's free to join our partnership program. Partners who refer customers receive a commission on each customer's Flipuary design service. To apply to become a Partner, visit our Partner Page today.

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