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Flipuary: Online Flipbook Obituary  

The absolute best way to honor your loved one. 

Honor and Celebrate Their Life

Flipuary is a revolutionary way to honor the lives of loved ones who have passed away. Bring their story to life with this interactive flipbook obituary.


Include full color photos, videos, funeral program, poems, music, and treasured memories, all in one beautiful flipbook.

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View Examples

Access examples to see how Flipuary works in action. Remember, each Flipuary is created to honor the individual, so the colors, layout, music, text - everything - is customizable and unique.

Founder, Renee Barnes

Watch as Renee Barnes shares the story of how Flipuary was born. 

Better than a Printed Obituary

Memories deserve more than paper can hold. Flipuary safeguards those cherished memories from fading, ensuring future generations can connect, remember, and celebrate.

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Listen to Feedback

Better than an Outdated Website Obituary

The way we remember our loved ones should be as unique as they were in life. While traditional obituary platforms like offer a place to host memories, Flipuary takes it to another level.


You get a customized flipbook instead of just a static page, like everyone else. Get a truly unique Flipuary that captures the essence of their life.  


Flipuary is so brilliant in the simplicity of it, but so impactful. I think it's so good to have a product like this that's easily dispersable to everyone. What a great idea!

Ayeshia Parsley

My sister passed in 2021 during the height of the global health crisis. We didn't get a chance to honor her properly. With Flipuary, we now make sure her memory lives on.

Karen Goodly

A basic online or printed obituary could not do my wife's  memory justice. Flipuary allowed me to share photos of her life, childhood, and our life together. It's truly priceless.

John Skidmore

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