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Planning a Memorial Service?

You want to get the Funeral Program and the Obituary right - because they will become keepsakes.

Funeral Programs

Death is never easy emotionally or practically. There are tons and tons of different things we need to consider and do after a loved one has passed away. This is the work that no one likes to handle and that is why the responsibilities are usually given to a funeral company doing programs, obituaries, announcements. In the old days it was all neatly done on paper with everything stored into files that would eventually vanish somehow from our homes. The internet has provided newer options, and innovation has even impacted how funerals are planned and arranged. Now, creating a beautiful funeral program can be easier than ever, and using newer options online can save time and money.

Creating Funeral Program

The process is pretty basic - choosing the desired design, customizing it a bit, placing a favorite picture, edit and when you have received the needed quality - you download it. Nothing too complicated but the results is pretty simple as well.

But when creating a Memorial Program online with a service such as, you can do so much more. The online content is virtually limitless, you can put dates, pictures, short descriptions, life events, loving moments, messages from friends and yes - even videos. Once you create it online, you can share it with one click and invite everyone without a hassle. You can choose to celebrate the life in an easier and more meaningful fashion.

Why Online instead of Print?

Who is choosing the print versions of anything anymore? Online is easier, more flexible, and you can customize it as much as we like. You can share it with everyone you want to invite. It saves money and time. Then, if you want to have it the old fashion way, with just click of a button, and of course you can send it to a printer nearby, and simply have it printed.

The funeral program can more filled with more information, pictures, events, dates - it can be used as a celebration of a meaningful life, instead of bringing on only bad news. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect funeral program. The most qualified product on the market to help us pay homage to the loved ones we will never forget. Choose wisely and think outside the box - just like birth, it happens only once and it is up to us to handle it with care and love.

Online Funeral Program Options

The #1 Online Funeral program and Online Obituary is by far - and can be found only at


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