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Why Online Obituaries Need an Upgrade

Online obituaries were a novel idea. They worked much better than simply signing a book at the memorial service. They provide a way for loved ones near and far to pay their respects.

Little Innovation

But over the years, there has been little innovation when it comes to online obituaries. They still look lack personalization and don't provide a way to share multiple videos or pictures of your loved one.

A New Day

That has all changed since has come on the market. A Flipuary is an online obituary in the format of a beautiful flipbook!

Why Should You Get A Flipuary For Your Loved One?

Simply put, a Flipuary is the most affordable yet beautiful way you can share memories of your loved ones. It takes up no space on your phone, it can easiliy be shared via social media, email, or text, and it can stay online for as long as you want.

You can get a Flipuary for your loved one at anytime. Simply visit and mention this article to receive 25% off!

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