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How Funeral Homes, Crematories, and End-of-life Consultants Partner with Us for Obituary Services

At Flipuary, where we’re changing the way we honor and remember our loved ones by reimagining the traditional obituary. Funeral Homes, Crematories, and End-of-life Consultants prefer to partner with us because we provide full service obituary creation, but with a modern new look and design.

NEW Concept in Obituary Design

Printed obitiuaries or standard online obitituary postings has been around for years. There's not been munch innovation or creative solutions introduced. That's why Funeral Homes, Crematories, and End-of-life Consultants are excited to offer a NEW solution to their clients.

Introducing Flipuary - Obituary Design Like Never Before!

Flipuary is a media-rich, interactive online obituary and funeral program platform designed to bring depth, emotion, and personalization to commemorating those we’ve lost.

Why Flipuary?

  • Depth Over Breadth: Each Flipuary is a unique, deeply personal tribute.

  • Crafted with Care: Our dedicated team ensures each tribute is a true reflection of the individual, a work of heart.

  • Interactive & Immersive: Flipuary allows readers to engage, explore, and immerse themselves in memories, far beyond static text and images.

Let’s Collaborate

We believe in the power of collaboration and are seeking partnerships with esteemed establishments like yours. By partnering with us, you can offer families a transformative way to share their loved one's story, creating a lasting legacy.

Benefits of Partnering

  • Enhanced Services: Distinguish your offerings by providing an innovative, value-added service.

  • Revenue Share: Earn a commission for each Flipuary created through your referral.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Provide families a memorable and meaningful way to remember their loved ones.

Let's Connect

Interested in exploring a partnership, or learning more about how Flipuary can add value to your services? Visit our partner page here: or email today.


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